William J. Weitzel, LMSW, ACSW

Community Events

Stress Management Class


 (7 weeks, 2 hours each) 

Most of us would agree that we live in an age of stress. Losing our tempers, losing our jobs, losing our minds over the stresses we juggle tells us that stress is an unwelcome guest in our lives. Whether we worry about the past, future or all the terrible things that are or could happen to us is exhausting. Scientists tell us that stress is a major cause of most illnesses. Stress affects our brain and body including our thinking, heart, metabolism, skin, emotion, breathing, digestion, immune system and our sensitivity to pain. Fortunately much of the neuroscience research has given us proven ways to manage our stress. This 7-week class relies heavily on the work of Jon Kabat-Zinn at the Stress Reduction Clinic at the University of Massachusetts Medical Center. The first session will serve as an introduction to the next six weeks of practicing mindfulness and stress reduction.


Dealing with Work Place Stress


 (2 hrs) 

"Why You Hate Work"—A recent article in the New York Times reviewed the excessive demands that are leading to burnout everywhere.  This burnout comes with psychological and physical costs that greatly impact our work performance and personal relationships. This workshop uses interesting PowerPoint, video and interactive discussion to look at the research and recommendations on work place stress and offer a way to understand and cope with the changing work environment.

Pain, Suffering & the Biology of Belief


 (2 hrs) 

To feel pain is “unhealthy”; to endure it unnecessary. In many cases a doctor’s actions or medication can help us become comfortable. In too many cases pain cannot be “cured.” Incurable cancers, chronic diseases like crippling arthritis and many neurological disorders will plague us and our aging population. The incidence of degenerative diseases is increasing as Americans grow older, and for many, life is full of pain. This chronic pain is accompanied with loneliness, anxiety, and depression that often leads the sufferer through a never- ending maze of physicians and procedures in their quest of seeking relief. This presentation use PowerPoint and video to look at practices we can use to reduce and cope with pain.

Stomping Out Stress


 (2 hrs) 

No one has to tell us about stress. If you’ve lived more than a few years you’re familiar with the tell-tale feelings of strain, pressure, irritability, panic attacks and depression. This list could go on and on but we can all probably agree that there is strong evidence that stress makes us uncomfortable and sick.  

Stress comes in a variety of experiences including death, divorce, loss of a job, and even getting ready for a vacation. Most stressors come in the form of crises, catastrophes, major life events and daily hassles.  

Surprisingly it isn’t the actually event that causes us stress but the way we “think” about it. Our thinking can support us with optimism, positive self-talk, and strategies to keep and achieve our balance. Other ways of thinking can lead us to feeling out of sorts, doomed, hopeless and discouraged. Given that everyone will encounter stressors, our only choice is how we adapt to them.  

Fortunately, stress has been examined from a physical, psychological and neurological perspective at many universities and research institutes. There are strong indications that we can learn new ways of coping with stress.  

This presentation uses a PowerPoint and video to look at some of this research and the work of Jon Kabat-Zinn at the Stress Reduction Clinic at the University of Massachusetts Medical Center.

Video Psychotherapy


I currently used an encrypted HIPPA approved internet program to provide counseling and psychotherapy.  The Regroup Program is convenient, easy to use, flexible and secure.  Clients can use a laptop, smart phone or desktop computer with a camera and sound card.  Clients will receive an emailed link to their session, no registration is required.  The process will require downloading the free Zoom app.